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The Cultural Memory Studies Initiative (CMSI) at Ghent University brings together scholars from across the humanities whose research revolves around memory and trauma as mediated through culture. Founded in 2007 as the Centre for Literature and Trauma (LITRA), CMSI assumed its current name in 2014 to reflect the widening scope of its members’ research interests. Cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary in orientation, CMSI is one of the most vibrant research initiatives in memory and trauma studies in Europe.

The purpose of CMSI, which is led by Prof. Stef Craps of the Department of Literary Studies, is to promote interaction and exchange among its members, to increase the visibility of our research, to foster and facilitate research and teaching collaborations, and to establish relations with other (groups of) researchers in the field. CMSI is a founding partner of the Memory Studies Association and Mnemonics, an international collaborative initiative for graduate education in memory studies.

CMSI organizes various kinds of activities, including occasional events such as conferences, panels, and workshops as well as a seminar series (serving as a forum for members to present ongoing research, discuss project plans, etc.) and a lecture series featuring prominent outside speakers. The seminar series is coordinated by Dr Guido Bartolini and Dr Mara Josi, so CMSI members are invited to contact them with suggestions and ideas for seminar sessions.

To keep abreast of events, you can join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our mailing list:

The CMSI website and social media accounts are managed by Dr Guido Bartolini and Prof. Stef Craps. We look forward to welcoming you to one of our events or to interacting with you online.