Conference “Literature and the Memory of Catastrophe”

Event dates: 29-30 May 2009
Location: Academy House, Brussels

This conference is the culminating event of the research cluster “Whither Trauma Theory? Debating the Future of Literary Research on the Memory of Catastrophe”, hosted by the Flemish Academic Centre for Science and the Arts (VLAC) from February to June 2009.

Speakers: Gert Buelens (UGent), Philippe Codde (UGent), Stef Craps (UGent), Ortwin de Graef (K.U.Leuven), Sarah De Mul (K.U.Leuven), Sam Durrant (Leeds), Robert Eaglestone (Royal Holloway), Kathleen Gyssels (UA), M. Dolores Herrero (Zaragoza), Bénédicte Ledent (ULiège), Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck), Fransiska Louwagie (Lessius), Leen Maes (UGent), Michael Rothberg (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Yves T’Sjoen (UGent), Ernst van Alphen (Leiden), Pieter Vermeulen (K.U.Leuven), Kristiaan Versluys (UGent), Katrien Vloeberghs (UA), Steven Weisenburger (Southern Methodist University)

Organizers: Gert Buelens, Stef Craps, Ortwin de Graef (K.U.Leuven)

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